Sunday, February 2nd, 9:30 AM

The Holy Land Research Institute

Professor Thomas Winder

“At the Cross Roads of Archaeology, Evangelism, and Restoration”


On the Slopes of Mount Hermon

The story of the Transfiguration, and why Jesus chose Mt Hermon to declare His Deity and build His Church

In this presention, you will learn the “Keys of the Kingdom” on winning the Spiritual Battles of this World, and see the Bible come to life. Thomas Winder lives in Israel, ministering to the Druzes People and Restoring the original Church of the Transfiguration in the High Village of Majdal Shams, on The Slopes of Mount Hermon. Prof. Winder is an Archaeologist Missionary with a background in Biblical Archaeology, Broadcasting, Faculty at Trinity SW University, Contracting, and International Affairs. After years of excavating Tall el Hammam, the City of Sodom, Thomas is now restoring the Christian Heritage of the Syrian Druzes in Majdal Shams, and exposing history.