David and Heidi
Peru via Dallas, Texas
Bible Translation

Wycliffe Bible Translators

David and Heidi joined Wycliffe in 1971 and began working in Peru in 1973. They and local Peruvian church leaders translated the New Testament into two languages: Cajamarca Quechua in northern Peru (dedicated 2005) and East Apurímac Quechua in southern Peru (dedicated 2012). They are now working from the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas, and with the help of  five Quechua pastors have translated the Old Testament into East Apurimac Quechua. They use the internet and specialized Bible translation programs to stay connected with the translation team. They also help them prepare other Quechua publications, such as Bible-based evangelistic and discipleship materials. David is now mentoring 2 men to take over his work and they are working on a third related translation called La Unión. They also help Wycliffe colleagues with their Bible translation-related projects. The Coombs have 4 adult children (and 5 grandchildren) serving God on 4 different continents.

QuechuaDirector and Translators

Bible-based literacy class outside Pacobamba church

Family devotions in a Quechua home