Home Groups

Home Groups are small groups of people who typically meet in homes for fellowship, worship, Bible discussion, and prayer ministry.  They are one of the best ways to grow deep in relationship with each other and the Lord.

Here’s a list of home groups currently meeting:

Sunday Nights at Grace


Sunday Nights at Grace is not technically a home group, but it has the intimate feel of a home group so we include this gathering here as an option for you to consider.

Sunday Nights at 6pm

Led by Steve Rogers, 760-500-4324, srogers@gracevcf.org

We meet in one of the “living room” areas in the lobby of Grace Vineyard at 102 N. Freeman St. for an evening of worship, Bible discussion, and Holy Spirit empowered prayer ministry.  We’d love to have you join us this Sunday night!  Contact Steve Rogers for more information.

Wednesday Night Home Group

(note: we are on break)

Wednesday nights at 7pm

Led by Michelle Ertel – 760-994-5962 email Michelle

Meeting online via zoom: Meeting ID: 422 082 264,  Password: 955746

Thursday Night Home Group

Led by Matt Evans 760-802-9121

Meeting in the Connection Lobby at Grace Vineyard – 102 N. Freeman Street, Oceanside.   People begin arriving at 6:30PM for fellowship around various refreshments.  We then begin with worship at 7:00PM.  Everyone is welcome!

We are currently discussing the Vineyard Discipleship Guides, which can be pictured by this graphic of a tree:

There are 8 topics as we go around this tree.  Experience and Worship God, at the root, focuses on the way we interact and talk with God, the way our awareness of his presence grows, and how we personally worship him. This root is necessary for all of the other areas, as they flow out of our experience of God.  From their we move to the trunk of the tree – Partner with the Holy Spirit.  After discussing the partnering with the Holy Spirit we work our way around the tree with the following topcis – “Serve Sacrificially”, “Live Generously”,  “Make Disciples”, “Grow and Change”, “Relate in Healthy Ways”, and finally “Impact Your Community”.

Each one of these Discipleship Topics are discussed for 5-6 weeks.  You can join us at any point of the process and experience fruitful Biblical discussion.