Hello Grace Vineyard and Grace Vineyard Friends!

I am writing to you from Breath of Heaven Children’s Village in Lusaka, Zambia.

It’s Saturday afternoon here, and we are having a great time. We’re having a ton of fun playing with the kids and ministering to the staff.  Here (below) is a picture of us in front of the new Hope Medical Clinic.  I’m sure Traci and Lisa will tell you more when we are back with you in person, but the clinic is amazing!  It surpasses what we had even imagined.

Traci and Lisa have been spending a lot time working in the Hope Medical Clinic and joining the clinic staff in outreach where they go out into the field where they are providing vaccinations and praying for people they meet.

We’ve had lot of raucous laughter playing card games with some of the older kids in the evenings.

Kim and I will be going over Saturday afternoon to spend some time with the pastors and leaders of the BridgePoint Vineyard church in Lusaka.  We’ll spend the night at the pastor’s home and then I’ll speak at their church’s Sunday morning service.  On Monday it’s a national holiday here, and we’ll be taking some of the older kids from Breath of Heaven to join us in an evangelism outreach near the BridgePoint Vineyard church’s meeting place.  We’ll give away food and clothing, pray for the sick, have live music, and preach the Gospel!


Here’s a picture of pastor Siseho Minyoi from the Bridgepoint Vineyard.  We were able to meet in person finally and I delivered to him the guitar and P.A. equipment that we are giving to them (plus some Starbucks coffee, which he requested!).  We shared lunch and felt like we had already been close friends for years.

While the subject of international missions is on our minds, I want to mention that Steve Rogers will be ministering to the Vineyard churches in Honduras very soon.  Here’s a word from Steve  —

The time for our next adventure has come! I leave August 15th for Honduras. I’ll Visit La Vina Comayagua and the 3 church plants in La Esperanza that make up La Vina Intibucá. I’ll also visit a village where La Vina Intibucá is starting a new group!

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As I told you before I left, I’ve invited some great speakers to Grace Vineyard while we’re gone.  I heard you had a fantastic time last weekend with Dustin Nelson.  I can’t wait to hear the recording of the service.  This Sunday (the 31st) I’ve invited Chaplain Jason Dipinto to speak. You won’t want to miss him, such a gifted preacher.  You might not be aware that there are Vineyard Chaplains serving our military personnel, but there are, and Jason is one of them.  He’s recently returned from deployment on the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier, and will soon be leaving for Guam where in addition to serving the military there, he’ll be working with a new Vineyard church plant.

The internet here is hit and miss, so I’m going to see if I can actually email this to you and also make a link for those who read these emails when they get a text message from me.  I hope it works!

God bless each of you.  Please keep us in your prayers, and please make sure to come together to worship, open the Word, and pray together while I’m gone.

-Ron Ohst

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