October 29, 2021

Hello Grace Vineyard and Friends!  It’s Weekend Time in Oceanside.  Here’s what’s going on around Grace Vineyard:

Outreach Saturday at 11am

A growing team has been reaching out to our unsheltered neighbors several days every week, and we wanted give all of you who work during the day Mon-Fri an opportunity to join in the joy, so we’re doing a special outreach tomorrow – Saturday, October 30, at 11am.  Meet Michael Aplikowsky and the rest of the team at the church.  We’ll take some food with us, plus lots of love, and a readiness to offer prayer.  We’ll fulfill those beautiful words of Jesus: “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me…” (Matthew 25:35)   This morning I was excited to see a post from Michael saying that he and Stephen Beck felt led to go to an area they don’t normally go to, and when they got there, they were able to minister to a man who gave his life to Jesus Christ!  I hope you can join us tomorrow morning at 11.

Blanket Drive

We will be collecting blankets, sleeping bags, and financial donations over the next several weeks.  We will then deliver blankets in person to our neighbors who are sleeping outside, looking for opportunities to build relationship and share the love of Jesus in a very practical way.  To make a financial donation, go to gracevcf.org/give  and specify “blankets” in the “what’s this donation for?” section that will show up on the paypal donation page.

Bread of Life Next Friday, November 5

Next Friday we’ll also have an opportunity to love our neighbors with a hot meal and a friendly smile at Bread of Life Rescue Mission.  We serve there on the first Friday of every month. We need volunteers to show up at 1919 Apple Street in Oceanside at 5pm on Friday, November 5. We’ll serve our neighbors a hot dinner, welcome and pray for those with needs, and help clean up after dinner. We’ll be done somewhere near 6:30. We also need donations – it costs about $80 to provide a complete meal for all our guests. Call or Text Nancy Beck at 760-696-2078 for more info. Nancy will also be in the lobby this Sunday after church to answer all your questions and get you signed up to help.

Authentic Manhood Vol 1 Begins Monday

Our Grace Men’s Ministry is launching a new season of Authentic Manhood with Volume 1: A Man and His Design.  We meet on Mondays at 7pm on Zoom.  The group begins with a video presentation, followed by group interaction that has proven to be life-changing for all that attend.  Here’s an introduction to the material:

Here’s the Zoom info you’ll need: Meeting ID: 480 203 1063  Password: surrender

If you have any questions, contact Michael at 760-473-9177

Last Day to Sign Up For Women’s Retreat

Our 1 day Women’s Retreat is coming up next Saturday, November 6th, right here at Grace Vineyard.  But if I know the ladies, they are going to *BEAUTIFY* the back of the sanctuary for this special day.  Our theme is that we are Created for Community.  Blair Fabry will be our speaker and Ammee Huzil will lead worship.  This retreat will integrate many experiences in our journey toward life-giving community: teaching, worship, personal reflection, processing groups, creative expression.  Cost for the day is $60 and includes a continental breakfast and lunch.  If you’d like to pay online, here’s a link https://tinyurl.com/GVWreg . You can register Sunday morning at The Women’s Retreat table in the lobby, or you can register online by clicking here.

IMPORTANT: The last day to register is this Sunday!

Finishing up with Nehemiah this Sunday

We’ve been learning a lot in our study through Nehemiah, “Taking Your Place When It’s Time To Build”.  All of the messages are up on our podcast at gracetalks.org

Last week’s message, “Together in Building, Together in Battle” was especially encouraging, so if you missed it, I’d encourage you to listen here:

This Sunday I plan on wrapping the series up with a message entitled “We Must Build With Jesus”.  If you were unaware, Nehemiah ends the history of the Old Testament, and as the apostle Paul taught so clearly, the purpose of the law, and in fact the whole of the Hebrew Scriptures, is to lead us to Christ by showing us our need for a savior.  When you get to the end of Nehemiah, you’re left with the feeling that something’s missing, that there must be more to fulfill all the wonderful prophecies God had given Jeremiah, Isaiah, and others about the future of God’s people.  We’ve learned a lot about wise leadership, about working together, about our spiritual battles, but as we’ll see from Nehemiah’s memoirs, even the best Vision with the best Mission, with amazing cooperation by all the people working together, will still fall short if it is not empowered by the Holy Spirit changing the hearts of everyone involved, and that’s why the world needed a New Covenant with God Himself becoming human to offer His life for our salvation.  I’d encourage you to read Hebrews 8:7-13 in preparation, as well as the closing chapters of Nehemiah (chapters 7-13). We’ll end our time taking communion together, so if you are joining us via Zoom, please gather some communion elements – juice and bread.  We’ll be live and in-person in our building at 9:30 on Sunday, and for those of you who can’t make it in person, you can join us online via Zoom at  Zoom Meeting ID  153 112 432, Passcode 684814.   We’ll also be broadcasting the service on Facebook Live at http://facebook.com/gracevcf.


And that’s it for this week’s update!

See you Sunday morning.  With Blessings and love,

Ron Ohst

Tithes and Offerings Online

THANKS for taking ownership in the life and ministry of Grace Vineyard – it takes all of us!   If you’d like to give your tithe or offering online, click the donate button below.  Please remember we are “getting our house ready for guests” and have several thousand dollars worth of important improvements waiting on our offerings. If your offering is for a specific purpose such as building or benevolence, please note that where it will prompt you with “what’s this donation for?”  Thanks!