October 29, 2022

Grace Vineyard Weekly Update

Zambia Edition

Hello Grace Vineyard and Friends!

Today I’m writing to you from Breath of Heaven Children’s in Zambia.  When I wrote to you last week we (Michael Aplikowsky and myself) were in Ndola, a city in an area they call the Copper Belt, where we were joining the national conference of the Zambia Vineyard churches.  It was a wonderful time with so many great ministry connections and new friendships made.  It was hard to say goodbye, but we were also looking forward to coming to Lusaka, the capital city, where we would be at Breath of Heaven Children’s Village, and also have an opportunity to minister at the Bridgepoint Vineyard church in Lusaka (one of the places we served when we were here in July).

These are some pictures from an outreach we participated in yesterday.  We went to an outdoor market that is part of a nearby compound.  There was worship music, proclamation of the Gospel and prayer ministry.  The worship band is a group built from a number of local churches, and they are starting to do this kind of outreach on a monthly basis.  Older youth from Breath of Heaven were there to pray for all the people that showed up.  Then they are also invited to come to Breath of Heaven Worship Center on Sunday, the church that is part of the Breath of Heaven children’s village.  With the primary school, secondary school, vocational college, the Hope Medical Clinic, and the church, Breath of Heaven Children’s Village has so much to offer the communities around the village, in addition to caring for all the orphans, giving them a loving family community and a hope and a future.

I think you also know that Jennifer Rowe and Mark Anthony Goodwin have been in Africa with couldyou.org.  They were first in Uganda, ministering in many outreaches, and then they were able to come to Zambia on the around the same time Michael and I arrived at Lusaka. Jennifer was an incredible blessing to both the girls of Breath of Heaven, and also the house mothers and aunties.  And if you know Mark Anthony, you can imagine how much fun he had with the kids here.  What a delight it was to see the overflow of love and joy.

Welcome Lynn Cerullo This Sunday

We are so excited to welcome Lynn Cerullo back to Grace Vineyard this Sunday.  I’m telling you, you don’t want to miss this meeting.  Lynn is dangerously contagious with a love and passion for Jesus, His Kingdom, and the sharing the Gospel with those who haven’t yet entered His family.  She has so much practical wisdom to offer, and it is combined with the great power of the Holy Spirit. You’d do well to bring a friend.  It’s probably interesting for you to know that my first opportunity to minister alongside Lynn was 40 years ago!  So we have a very long and fruitful relationship, and her ministry played a very important part in my formation as a pastor.  I am really pleased that we have this opportunity for all of you to experience the Life of Jesus through her.  Sunday worship begins at 9:30, and for those of you who need to join us from a distance, here’s the zoom info you need: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/153112432?pwd=WlJjbWZNeHo0NXBKM0VvbDkrYXV2QT09, Meeting ID: 153 112 432, Password: 684814.

After church Potluck November 13

It’s time for another fellowship lunch, a.k.a. potluck!  We love enjoying fellowship over a meal, and we’ll be doing that again on November 13.  There should be a signup table in the lobby this Sunday where you can get the details, and sign up for what you’ll be bringing.   Look for Susan Franke, or you can contact her at 760-419-2273 

And now I must return to spending time with the kids and staff at Breath of Heaven.  Thank you for your support and prayers on this ministry trip.  It has been a wonderful time.  We will finish our time here on Sunday morning at the Breath of Heaven Worship Center for their Sunday church gathering.  Immediately after the service we will drive to the airport and began our journey back to Oceanside.  Please pray for safe travels and more “Holy Hello” encounters on the way home.

Love and blessings to each of you.

We’ll see you soon,

Ron Ohst