October 15, 2021

Hello Grace Vineyard and Friends,

Happy Friday to you!

At Billy Graham’s memorial service, each of his children were asked to sum up the life of their father in 3 minutes.  His youngest son  Ned began his summary by noting that his siblings had taken more than their 3 minutes, so he would do his in much less time.  His words were: “I just want you to know that my father was FAT. He was faithful, he was available, and he was teachable. I just want you to remember that — faithful, available, and teachable. May we all be that way.”

I bet some of you have heard that acronym before – F.A.T., and some of you haven’t.  But it points out something simple and profound – God isn’t impressed with the things we often are.  He’s not looking for the most talented, best looking, strongest, or any of those things when He is calling people into His purposes.  He’s looking for people who are faithful, available, and teachable.  In our journey through the Bible book of Nehemiah we arrive at chapter 3 this week, where Nehemiah catalogs the many people who joined him to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem and what part of the wall or which gates they worked to repair.  It’s the kind of chapter many people will be tempted to just skip over.  But I think there are some lessons for us.  You might want to take a minute to read it before Sunday.  Every kind of person was needed, and not always the people I would probably pick to rebuild a city wall. But they were FAT.  I think naming this week’s talk “Wanted: FAT People” might not go over so well, so I’m going with something that sounds a little more polite: “There’s A Place For Everyone”.

I hope you will join us at 9:30 on Sunday morning.  We’ll be live and in-person in our building at 9:30 on Sunday, and for those of you who can’t make it in person, you can join us online via Zoom at  Zoom Meeting ID  153 112 432, Passcode 684814.   We’ll also be broadcasting the service on Facebook Live at http://facebook.com/gracevcf.

I also want to make sure you know you’re invited to 2 more opportunities to draw near to the Father’s Love in worship and fellowship and Bible discussion this week:

Sunday Nights and Thursday Nights.  Sunday Nights at Grace meets in the church on the terrace at 6pm, and the new in-person Thursday Night home Group meets at the Frye Home on Thursday nights at 7pm, at 2044 Chestnut Ave in Carlsbad.  Both of these gatherings have a more intimate worship environment, filled with the expectation of an interactive encounter with the Lord-we express our love in worship, and the Lord is pleased to pour out His love on us. It’s also a more intimate environment for learning what the Bible has to say to us, with opportunity for discussion and questions and participation by everyone who wants to share their insights. In this environment, real relationship is a natural outflow. These gatherings really embody “Real God | Real People | Restoring Lives”.  We have a place for you!

Ladies, our Created for Community One Day Retreat is fast approaching.

Created For Community Retreat November 6

Saturday, November 6th from 9am to 4pm, we’ll have a women’s retreat at Grace Vineyard.  Our theme is that we are Created for Community.  Blair Fabry will be our speaker and Ammee Huzil will lead worship.  This retreat will integrate many experiences in our journey toward life-giving community: teaching, worship, personal reflection, processing groups, creative expression.  Cost for the day is $60 and includes a continental breakfast and lunch.  If you’d like to pay online, here’s a link https://tinyurl.com/GVWreg .

Make and Bake Sale Sunday October 24th:  To raise money for retreat scholarships and women’s ministry, we’ll have a Make and Bake Sale Sunday, October 24th right after the service.  Sign up in the lobby to bring baked goods and crafts for us to sell.  If you’re interested in a scholarship, please see Kim Ohst 760.519.4558.

Breath of Heaven Children’s Ministries

You’ll remember last month I was encouraging you to attend the Breath of Heaven fundraising banquet.  I wanted to let you know how successful it was so we can rejoice together.  Our income from the banquet (after expenses) was $85,896!  That’s really good and enables us to complete the Hope Medical Clinic and more.  This week we got some more good news:  the Lawlers met with a couple last year in LA who have a multi national manufacturing company and are located in China, India, Hong Kong and South Africa. They were interested in hearing about our ministry in Zambia so the Lawlers invited them to the fundraiser this year and they were very impressed. They have a Foundation that funds projects in Africa and focuses on education and health.  A few days ago we heard back from them and they gave us a grant of $10,000 for the clinic.  We will now be able to move ahead with buying the supplies and equipment and begin the interviewing of staff. Our goal is to open by early 2022.  Praise the Lord our Provider!!

Refurbishing Update

Just a quick note – our contractor is hoping to be finished with the baseboard (and other related jobs) by Saturday night, so hopefully this Sunday you will see some really nice base to make our new floor really pop.  When change takes a while, you might not notice it as much, but see if you can remember what our lobby and terrace looked like when it had that dirty old green carpet, and then look at how much better it looks now!  I believe it makes for a much nicer environment to welcome our guests as they come to worship. Thank you to all who continue to donate to the building fund.  Each of these seemingly small projects cost thousands of dollars, and we are putting our donations to work as soon as we have enough for the next project.  Next on the list is replacing the carpet in the aisles and around the stage.  We could use everyone of us to participate in whatever way we can – to join in, just mention “building fund” on your gift.  Our house of worship keeps getting more beautiful!

LiveStream the Vineyard National Conference

I’m so excited that Kim and I are able to go to Phoenix next week for the Vineyard National Conference.  I don’t think we’ve been able to go together to one since around 2007!  But I also know that most of you don’t have the luxury of being able to go, so I’m happy to let you know they’ll be live streaming all main sessions & breakouts for free so as many people as possible around the world can join us.  Just click on https://conference.vineyardusa.org/livestream/ to RSVP for the livestream.  To repeat: It’s free.  Check out the conference website https://conference.vineyardusa.org/ to see the schedule.  I’m not positive, but usually when they livestream a conference they make all the sessions available during the week so you probably wouldn’t have to watch it live to catch it.  This is an especially important conference as we’ll be installing our new national directors Jay and Danielle Pathak, and you’ll want to hear them as they take the baton and share the vision for the coming years in the Vineyard USA.

That’s all for now.  I love being in this worshiping family with you!  See you Sunday morning.

with blessings and love to each of you,

Ron Ohst

Tithes and Offerings Online

THANKS for taking ownership in the life and ministry of Grace Vineyard – it takes all of us!   If you’d like to give your tithe or offering online, click the donate button below.  If your offering is for a specific purpose such as building or benevolence, please note that where it will prompt you with “what’s this donation for?”  Thanks!