August 5, 2023

Hello Grace Vineyard and Friends,

Happy Saturday to you all.  Kim and I just got home last night from the Vineyard National Conference in North Carolina, so I’m just getting to my weekly update email to you now on Saturday afternoon.  We were joined by Kevin and Shannon Frye from Grace Vineyard, and probably a couple thousand other Vineyard people from churches all over the nation.  It was AWESOME.   In the past, we did a national conference every other year, but they announced this week that we’re going to start a new rhythm of annual conferences, so hopefully next year more of you will be able to join us.  They’ve designed these so they can really be part of a family vacation.  They have excellent programming for children through high school, and of course so much to offer for the adults.  As of right now, the livestream sessions are still available to be watched at They may have it set to automatically jump to the part in the video where the content starts, but if they don’t, just know that that the actual service typically starts about 25 minutes into the videos (they always start livestreaming about 25 minutes before programming starts with a pre-service slide show that I wouldn’t want you to have to sit through if you decided to watch.)

Sunday: Witness – “Stories from Today’s Jesus Followers”

I hope you enjoyed our guest speaker, Nicko Ostby, last Sunday.  We were traveling to North Carolina on Sunday morning, and I was able to join you on Facebook Live for the last 10 minutes or so of ministry time when we landed in Houston for a layover.  It looked like a ton of prayer ministry was going on, with lots of people experiencing a healing touch from the Holy Spirit.  Way to go, Grace Vineyard!  You guys really get “Everyone gets to play” and are doing such a great job at getting equipped for the work of the ministry of Jesus (as it says in Ephesians 4).

Tomorrow we’re going to continue with the theme of “Witness”, only instead of learning from Stories of the 1st Jesus Followers, we’re going to hear from Today’s Jesus Followers.  I’ll keep you in suspense till tomorrow morning, but one of our Grace Vineyard people is going to share their Jesus story, and then I’m going to share a video featuring a conversation between Jay Pathak (our Vineyard USA national director) and Rick Warren (founding pastor of Saddleback Church in Orange County) that was very impactful for us at the national conference.  Rick takes one of our series’ key verses, Acts 1:8, and highlights an important application that is often misunderstood in modern interpretations.  I’m calling our morning, “Reaching Our Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria”, and I think you are going to be blessed and inspired like we all were at the conference last week.  Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow at 9:30.  I’ll plan on being in the lobby at 8:30 for pre-service prayer if you’d like to join me.

Here’s a few happenings coming up in the next week that you’ll want to know about:

Let’s Eat Together Next Sunday

I love the “Created For Community” sign the women’s ministry created and hung in our lobby.  We really are created for community, and one great way to build community is over a meal.  So we’re going to do another all-church potluck on Sunday, August 13th.  It will be right after the service.  There will be a place in the lobby this Sunday for you to sign up to bring your favorite dish.  It’s always a blessing having lunch with each other.

Ladies Oceanside Strand Walk Next Saturday

Our Women’s ministry hosts a Saturday Ladies Walk once a month on the 2nd Saturday. It’s a light walk or hike in one of the endless places of beauty here in North County, and a great way to have some sweet fellowship with other women from Grace.  If you’ve never gone, why not go this time!  The ladies will be walking along the ocean on the Oceanside Strand.  Meet at 9am on August 12th next to the pier on the sidewalk by the sign for the Oceanside Pier, just across the street from the 333 Pacific Restaurant.  If you do plan on coming, please call or text Kathy Green at 760-583-1779 so she knows to look for you.

Men’s Breakfast Welcomes Tim Parlier

The Men’s Minstry is excited to welcome Tim Parlier, pastor of Generation Church, to our men’s breakfast next Saturday.  We’ll be at Ty’s Burgerhouse, 515 Mission Ave, at 8am.  Some of the guys will remember partnering with the men from Generation Church at one of our last Men’s Retreats.  I suspect some of the Generation Men will be joining us as well.  See you guys next Saturday!

And that’s it for this week’s update.  I love you guys and can’t wait to worship Jesus with you tomorrow morning.  Let’s come prepared to give Him our all as we lift our voices together before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Blessings to each of you,

Ron Ohst

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