June 18, 2021

Hi Grace Vineyard and friends,

Welcome to Friday.  I hope you’ve had another great week!

This Sunday is Father’s Day so we’ve got a little something planned for the Dads.  We’ve got a little gift, and I’m going to continue speaking about the Gospel of Grace, but this time by reading one of the most profound stories ever told. Jesus told the story to help people understand how much God loves us unconditionally, even when we mess things up pretty badly.

I’m calling the talk “The Grace of the Father’s Embrace”. I hope to see you there.  This is another opportunity to invite folks to church, especially if they happen to be a Dad, cuz we’ve got a gift for them.

This Thursday – Worship Night with Save the Storks

We are hosting a Night of Worship with “Save The Storks”, a pro-life organization dedicated to changing the conversation around pro life to one of love, compassion, and action.  Notice the evening begins at 5:30 with food!

Join us for an amazing night of community worship and powerful stories that celebrate Life.

The event includes:

  • Uplifting praise & worship with local artists
  • Delicious food for all who attend
  • Inspiring speaker and testimonies
  • A tour of the Birthchoice Stork Bus
  • Opportunities to get involved locally and help moms choose life for their babies!

To RSVP for this even please text “Register” to 719-394-9580

For more info, check out the savethestorks.com website.

New Floors – Another Step Closer

If you were with us last Sunday, you know we just had cement and wood to walk on.  Here’s a photo of the lobby as it looks today.  We’re getting closer!  The install of the epoxy floor is not quite complete yet (some “fixes” for things that didn’t turn out quite right are coming), but we’re getting very close.  The baseboard has to be redone, and then of course we need to replace the carpet in the aisles and around the stage.  We’re getting there little by little!  We’re still fund-raising to finish this project, so if you’re thinking about helping us invest in our beautiful worship center, this would be a good time!  To donate to the building fund online click here: building-fund-donation.  Big thank you’s to all of you who have helped raise the funds to do this project!

Rumor has it that a certain boy scout (with the last name Ohst) on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout is going to put in new cabinetry in the concession area for his Eagle Project (the old cabinets literally fell apart when they were removed to replace the flooring).  I’m sure you’ll hear more as that idea moves from vision to reality.  It’s so great to build together as a community!

Honduras Update This Sunday

Steve and Lisa Rogers are having a great time in Honduras with the Vineyard Missions Honduras partnership.  We are anticipating a video message from them on Sunday morning.  They begin their return voyage on Saturday night, so we won’t see them this in person Sunday, but we will the following week.  Please remember to keep the team in your prayers.

That’s all for this week’s update.  Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads!  See you on Sunday morning.

With love and blessings,

Ron Ohst

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