April 29, 2022

Hello Grace Vineyard and Friends.

I hope this update finds you full of joy and peace, and satisfaction in the Lord.  I’m writing this on Friday night, so let me jump right in to another one of our Grace Vineyard weekly updates!

First, let me say THANK YOU to all who joined us last Sunday for our “family meeting” and prayer and fasting.  That was really a great time, and, I believe, impactful in the spiritual realm.  I left feeling invigorated and faith-filled, and I’ve heard that many of you experienced the same.  In case you missed it, last Sunday we addressed head on some of the challenges we, like so many congregations across the United States, are facing.  We are reminding ourselves of our calling as a church family, and thinking of ourselves with the perspective of a Church Planting Team with amazing resources and opportunities at our disposal.  A presenting symptom is a financial shortfall that must be addressed, but we believe that’s only a symptom, and will easily be resolved as together we we take on an “All In” attitude, serving the cause of Christ with our whole hearts.  If you’d like to watch or listen to the sermon again, you can watch it here:

or listen to it here, on our podcast: gracetalks.org.   I challenged us in 3 areas:

1. Commit to love Jesus passionately and grow in Him together.  Jesus said that if we abide him we will be very fruitful, so “abide in My love.”

2. Commit to invite people to follow Jesus with us.

3. Commit to be generous givers of our time, our talent, and our treasure.

We announced that we would be following the service with prayer and fasting — fasting lunch.  We’ll do that again this week right after church, and hope many of you will make plans to join us.  Prayer is powerful!  We are calling on God for a fresh infilling of His Spirit in and through us to guide us and provide for us as we recommit ourselves to the calling He has for us together.

Living in the Light of Easter, Week 2

Last week we began looking at the experience of those first disciples after the events of Easter weekend, the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus.  We read the story of Thomas, who faltered in His faith and didn’t even believe the reports of Jesus’ resurrection.  We read the story of Peter who failed and sinned, denying that He even knew Jesus. These guys were fearful, discouraged, disoriented; what should they do next?  How would they go on?  We watched how Jesus restored Thomas to faith and living for Jesus, and how Jesus wiped out the effects of Peter’s 3 denials by drawing out of Peter 3 affirmations of his love for Jesus, and reaffirming that Jesus’ calling on Peter’s life hadn’t changed one bit …”Feed my sheep,” Jesus said.  On Sunday, we’ll continue looking at stories of the first disciples, and see how God uses very ordinary people (just like us) to do extraordinary things.  It’s just like we always knew – our effectiveness and fruitfulness has very little to do with our abilities and everything to do with God’s ability to empower us and invite us into partnership with His eternal, kingdom plans for our world.  I hope to see you all back with us on Sunday morning for “Living in the Light of Easter, week 2”.   If you need to join us online, here’s the Zoom meeting info for you convenience: Meeting ID: 812 2225 0027, Password: 006314.

In The Midst 777 Concert Party Saturday

On Saturday, April 30, from 2-7pm, In The Midst 777 is hosting a “Concert Party” right here in our beautiful theater.  There will be several great bands, a Christian Comedian, a food truck, raffle items, and a silent auction — it’s a fund raiser to help In The Midst 777 get themselves and their gear to Nashville where they’ve been invited to headline the Music Awards.  What an honor for our friends.  I hope you can come out and support them.

Serving at Bread of Life Friday, May 6

On the first Friday of every month, Grace Vineyard serves a the Bread of Life Rescue Mission. We need volunteers to show up at 1919 Apple Street in Oceanside at 5pm on Friday, May 6th. We’ll serve our neighbors a hot dinner, welcome and pray for those with needs, and help clean up after dinner. You’ll be done somewhere near 6:30. We also need donations – it costs about $100 to provide a complete meal for all our guests. Call or Text Nancy Beck at 760-696-2078 for more info. Nancy will also be in the lobby this Sunday after church to answer all your questions and get you signed up to help.

Celebration of Life for Deb Clark May 7


As most of you know, our wonderful sister Deb Clark has finished her race and is home with the Lord.  We will be celebrating her amazing life on May 7th at 1pm.  Everyone is invited to join us.  We will have a Planned PotLuck. If your first name begins with A-G bring an Appetizer, H-P Main Dish, Q-Z Side Dish. Coffee, Drinks and Dessert will be provided. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Ertel at (760) 994-5962‬.

That’s it for this weekend’s weekly update.  I love you, my Grace Vineyard family, and I’m so excited to see what God is about to do in and through us as we go all in for Jesus and His mission!

With love and blessings,

Ron Ohst

Tithes and Offerings Online

THANKS for taking ownership in the life and ministry of Grace Vineyard!  Please know that we are experiencing an especially difficult financial season, so your faithfulness in financial stewardship is essential at this time.  It really does take all of us doing our part with the income God has entrusted to us for His church. If you’d like to give your tithe or offering online, click the donate button below.