April 15, 2022

Good Friday greetings to you, my Grace Vineyard Family and friends of Grace Vineyard!

This is such a momentous day in our calendar.  The day we remember the crucifixion of Jesus.  The day he transformed the symbol of terror and Roman power into a universal symbol of Love, Mercy, and Grace.  The cross in all it’s brutal ugliness shows us the horror of sin as the nails are driven into Jesus, the perfect, sinless, God-Man who took upon himself all of the sins of all of humanity. The cross shows the victory of Jesus as He transformed this weapon of Satan, utterly defeating Satan, hell, and death, and removing the power, the penalty, and the presence of sinfulness from all who look in faith to Jesus our Messiah. Oh Glorious day of our salvation!

We have a couple of wonderful worship gatherings planned for this weekend.  I hope every one of you will join us and will invite friends to come with you.  It starts tonight with…

Good Friday Worship And Communion

Pastors Howard and Lucia Andersen of Refuge Christian Fellowship have been coming to our Thursday night group, and have become good friends of mine in the process.

Here’s a picture of us at the Thursday night homegroup.

We so love the flow of Worship, Word, and Spirit we experience on Thursdays, that we prayerfully decided to bring that same dynamic into a Good Friday service together.  Howard is an extremely gifted singer and guitarist, and I will join him and his wife Lucia on my keyboard tonight as we interweave worship and the story of Good Friday.  We’re planning on keeping it to an hour, and we begin at 7pm.

Watch on YouTube Livestream: we are planning on livestreaming the Good Friday Worship & Communion service on Refuge’s YouTube channel right here: https://youtu.be/Yy8r-fcXf-w

Resurrection Sunday!

And of course, this Sunday is Easter Sunday.  I prefer to call it Resurrection Sunday to really put our focus on what this day is all about.  Jesus Christ rose from the dead, just as He said He would, and this is the foundation upon which my faith is built.  If Jesus hadn’t risen, I would not be His disciple, no matter how good His teachings are.  No, it’s the fact that He indisputably proved Himself to be God by defeating death after 3 days in the grave, that I know I can trust everything else He said and did.  And what hope we now have that the promise of New Creation, of the resurrection of all of creation, is a sure thing, because the New Creation has been inaugurated by Jesus’ own resurrection! It’s all so exciting to me. How I long for people everywhere to know and worship Jesus in all His glory and goodness!  Please invite as many people as you can to come with you (or in many cases, return with you) to church this Sunday at 9:30.

Let’s Worship!

For those who can’t join us in person on Sunday, you can join us on line on zoom.   Here’s the info you need for the Zoom meeting – Click here, or enter this Meeting ID and password:  Meeting ID: 812 2225 0027, Password: 006314

Ladies, Kim tells me there’s some great things in store for you in the coming days.  Here’s two things she asked me to share with you:

Last Day to Sign Up For the Ladies Tea, April 23

This Sunday is Easter and the last day to sign up for the Ladies Tea that we’re having the Saturday after Easter.  It’s coming up fast!  Feel free to invite your friends, sisters, mom, daughters.  Girls ages 10 and older are welcome to attend.  It’s going to be a lovely afternoon celebrating friendship in a beautiful setting with lovely tea, sandwiches and desserts. It’s on Saturday, April 23rd, from 1-4pm, and the ticket price is $10.  Feel free to dress up and wear a hat.  Bring your favorite teacup. Sign up in the lobby to bring food or host a table. If you have questions, please call or text Kim Ohst 760.519.4558.

Opportunities to help:  To set up for the Ladies Tea, Kim will be at the church Friday, April 22nd from 12-3.  If you’d like to help set up tables and decorate, we’d love to have you.  We’ll finish setting up Saturday at 10:30 am if you’d like to help then.  For the tea, we’ll need 4 ladies who would like to help during the tea to serve the food and refill tea pots with water.  Please let me know if you’d like to help with any of these (760.519.4558)

Women’s Retreat October 21-23

We now have a signed the contract so it’s official.  We’re going to Pine Valley this year.  More details will be released in the coming months, but we wanted to give you the pricing so you can begin to save for the retreat.  You can make payments weekly or monthly. just be sure to make note that the payment is for the retreat when you contribute online or in person at church.  Costs: $210 private bath lodge, $190 shared bath lodge, $165 dorm room. 

Oceanside House of Prayer

You might remember a few weeks ago on Monday, March 14, we hosted a worship and prayer night.  It was a free flowing, Spirit-led, format where  worship leaders were present, and prayer was interspersed with spontaneous worship. The idea comes from Revelation 5:8 “Now when He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints”, where the harp represents the worship, and the golden bowls of incense represent prayer.  In fact, where Christians hold meetings like this around the world, they sometimes call it “Harp and Bowl” ministry, so now you’ll know where that terminology comes from if you ever hear it.  When he held that first worship and prayer meeting, we hoped that someone would feel led to facilitate more, and that’s what has happened.  Our good friend Dustin Nelson, who is planting a new church in Oceanside, helped us with the first one and is now ready to help facilitate prayer on an ongoing basis.  We’ll meet the 1st and 3rd Monday night of every month from 6-8pm, and also during the lunch hour every Thursday from 12-1pm.  We’re calling it “Oceanside House of Prayer”, to emphasize the idea that this is for everyone, not just Grace Vineyard people.  You can join us this coming Monday, April 18th, for the inaugural Worship and Prayer meeting!

Sunday Morning Hospitality

If all goes well, we’ll have coffee available when you arrive on Sunday morning, and pastries or donuts available after the service.  Like everything else, offering hospitality takes people and resources.  Brianna Mok will be leading this ministry, and could use some volunteers to join her team.  If you’d like to volunteer with the hospitality ministry (and frankly, who wouldn’t love to do this?!!), look for a clipboard at the coffee bar where you can sign up.

Soul Care Conference in Poway

We’re inviting folks to check out a Soul Care Conference with Rob Reimer, May 12-14.   Get all the details and registration info by clicking here.  Soul Care explores seven principles that are profound healing tools of God: securing your identity, repentance, breaking family sin patterns, forgiving others, healing wounds, overcoming fears, and deliverance. This process will help you to unpack the “backpack” of your soul and enable you to walk in freedom in Christ.  If you’d like to talk a little more about what this conference is all about, contact Sharon Evans at 760-805-3335 or amusicalmom@gmail.com

And that’s it for this Easter Weekend Grace Vineyard Update.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful time of worship with you on Sunday.

With much love and blessing to each of you,

Ron Ohst

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