March 15, 2024

Hello Grace Vineyard Family and Friends.

Another week is on the books and another weekend is upon us, so it’s time for my weekly update on happenings at Grace Vineyard. Let’s Go!

The Breastplate of Righteousness

The first thing to mention is that as part of our Fighting the Good Fight of the Faith series, we are continuing to learn more about “the armor of God” mentioned in Ephesians 6.  Last week we talked about “the belt of truth”, and you can listen to that message here if you’d like:

This coming Sunday we’ll learn about “the breastplate of righteousness”, what it means, and how to use this piece of protective spiritual armor.  We’re all trying together to have these 6 pieces of armor readily accessible, so I’ll mention them yet again to help us all get a little closer to easily remembering them:

  • The belt of TRUTH
  • The breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS

These 6 are effective and powerful for withstanding all of the attacks of the evil one that we experience as we fight the good fight of the faith.

I look forward to worshiping and growing with you on Sunday morning at 9:30 am.  If you are not able to be with us in person for some reason, you can always join online via the Zoom app with this info:  Zoom Meeting ID  153 112 432, Passcode 684814. You may also join us on Facebook Live at

Tabernacle Alive

I also want to make you aware of a really great event you can go to next week.  It’s called “Tabernacle Alive”, and it’s put on by our brothers and sisters at Calvary Chapel Oceanside.  Check it out at  They put this on every 2 years, and it will be up and running until March 24th.  It’s a lifesize replica of the Tabernacle of Moses that you can read about in Exodus 27:9-19.  It was basically a portable temple for the Israelite’s worship until they entered the promised land and would build a permanent temple many years later.  Every part of the Tabernacle has an important prophetic meaning for our life in Christ today, and the Tabernacle Alive experience helps you understand each of those components.  You’ll walk through the Tabernacle with an interactive one-hour self-guided audio tour that is really well done.  You need to make reservations online, so click on that link if you plan on going.  it will be worth your time!

Face To Face, Next Friday – March 22nd

Our Women’s Ministry has a monthly (well, almost monthly) home group that meets for fellowship, worship, inspiration from the Word, and prayer ministry.  For the month of March, the women will be meeting next Friday,  the 22nd, at 6:30PM at Michelle Ertel’s Home, 1480 Pioneer Circle, in  Oceanside, Gate Code: #2468.  This month, I happen to know a little bit about the speaker, and let me just say, she’s awesome.  Yup, it’s Kim Ohst. Bring a snack to share.  Carpooling is encouraged, as parking is limited.  Please call Kim Ohst for more information 760.519.4558.

The women’s ministry will be sorting all those business casual clothing that we’ve been collecting, next week…Clothes Sorting Saturday, March 23rd 9am:  We’ll be sorting the business casual clothes that people have donated on Saturday, March 23rd at the church at 9am.  If you have free standing clothes racks, boxes or hangers you can donate for us to use, please see Kim Ohst 760.519.4558.

That’s one way to reach out to the community around us.  Another is by joining the next Humanity Showers event on March 30th, 2 weeks from now.

Homeless Outreach/Shower Ministry on Saturday, March 30th

Convicted For Christ has partnered with Humanity Showers to put on a monthly Homeless Outreach and Shower Ministry. Humanity Showers provides mobile showers and so much more to serve basic needs of unsheltered people in our community. You would do well to check out the Humanity Showers website at Their founder, Jordan Verdin, has a remarkable story and has created a remarkable organization.  You’ll want to read the STORIES section of their website which has beautiful photos of local homeless people, and when you click on each photo you’ll get their personal story.

The Homeless/Shower Ministry runs from 7:45am to 11am on the last Saturday of every month.  Here’s some bullet points you’ll want to know:

  • Set up starts at 7am if you want to be part of the set up crew.
  • All volunteers, intake, safety talk, assignments, and prayer at 7:45 AM
  • Showers and food to start at 8 AM.
  • Cleanup and breakdown starts at 10:30 AM.
  • Final breakdown, cleanup, and end of service 11 AM.
  • Volunteer opportunities to Serve will be at:
  1. Hygiene, shampoo, soap, and towel distribution table.
  2. Clothing, intake, and distribution tables.
  3. Food prep, and distribution both.
  4. Shower trailer. Task will include intaking information for clients to take a shower/maintaining the list. Cleaning showers in between each shower and monitoring time management for each shower.
  5. Additional volunteers always welcome to help pray for, cleanup, pick up trash, serve, love on, all other volunteers and Homeless clients as a Romer/fill in a needed spot as needed.

The address is; 212 N Clementine Oceanside CA 92054 Park anywhere on the street and walk to the site. All volunteers requested to be there no later than 7:45 AM to get mandatory safety talk as well as the assignments for the day.

Start Inviting Your Friends to Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is March 31st this year, just a couple Sundays from now.  Lots of people in America, even though we’ve become something of a post-Christian society, still see the value in coming to church on Easter.  So let’s take advantage of this opportunity and invite our unchurched friends to join us on Easter Sunday.  Next week we will be getting a batch of Easter specific invitation cards very similar to our regular invitation cards.  They’ll look like this:

and we’ll put them in little packets of 5 cards for each of us to take.  Here’s an idea: plan on either making a nice lunch in your home, or making reservations for a restaurant on Easter Sunday, and invite your friends to come to church with you and then have lunch together after church.  You can put the idea to them this week, and then when you have the invitation cards next week, do a follow up reminder to the invitation by handing them the business card invite.  I’ll call the message “A New Beginning”, and you can even begin to talk about how Easter is a celebration of the New Beginning each of us are able to have in life because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Equally important…PRAY! Pray for your friends to come, pray for your friends to meet Jesus, pray for our Easter service to be marked by the tangible presence of the Lord Himself.  Pray that I’ll be able to effectively communicate the Gospel on Easter Sunday.

Our Next Jesus Walk is April 6th

Our next “Jesus Walk” will be on April 6th, the Saturday following Easter Sunday.   Everybody will meet at the parking structure in downtown Oceanside at the corner of Seagaze and Cleveland at 10am.  From there we’ll walk North toward the pier along the strand, and play it completely by ear.  We hope to have one or more of our guitar playing worship people walking with us so we will sing some worship songs along the way.  We’ll encounter people and cross the “chicken line” and have some “holy hello’s”, some great conversations, some opportunities to share with people, and some opportunities to pray with people.

By the way, for those of us who are a bit scared when it comes to doing things like this, just know that when you are in a group of people who are doing it with you, it is about 1000 times easier.  Seriously.  I have been doing things like this on and off since I was 19 years old, and I still get a little bit nervous some times.  Especially if I’m by myself.  But when I’m in a group of fellow believers like the awesome people in this photo, my nervousness flies out the window and I feel strong and courageous.  I hope a bunch of us will join Mark Newell on this adventure.  If you have a question, reach out to Mark with a text or call at 760) 715-1611.

Home Group Tonight (Friday) at 6:30

Since I’m sending this email out on Friday afternoon, there’s still time for you to get to the Upper Room at 104 N. Freeman Street by 6:30 for tonight’s Friday Night Home Group.  Christian Twombly leads this one, and if I’m not mistaken, the group has started reading through the last book of the Bible, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”, commonly just called “Revelation”.  There’s nothing quite like getting together with a smaller group of people for fellowship around the name of Jesus.  If you need more info, give Christian Twombly a call at 760-622-4945.

And if you can’t make it tonight, don’t forget that there’s also a Thursday Home Group that meets in the lobby of the church every Thursday.  We’d love to see you there next week.  That one is led by Matt and Sharon Evans, so if you have a question, give Matt a call or send him a text at 760-802-9121.

Short Term Missions Interest Meeting This Sunday

I also want to make sure you know there will be a short 20 minute “Short-Term” missions interest meeting after church this Sunday.  We’ll talk briefly about missions trips we are planning for this year.  If you are at all interested in the possibility of going on a missions trip, you should join us. This is not a commitment to go, just an informational gathering for those of you who are thinking about going.

And that’s it for this week.  Have a great rest of your weekend, and I’ll see you Sunday morning.

With love and blessings to each of you,

Ron Ohst

Tithes and Offerings Online

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