April 26, 2024

Hello Grace Vineyard Family and Friends!

OK.  Are we seriously in the last week of April? Wowzers!  This week FLEW by fast for me.  I’m still attempting the relentless elimination of hurry from my life 🙂  It’s nice to come to the weekend where hopefully most of us can really slow down and enjoy a Sabbath day of rest.  Rest and Peace are so important for our souls.  So maybe let the opening of our weekly update be a reminder to take a breath, slow down, ponder the week that is just finishing, and rejoice in all the goodness that is waiting for enjoying this weekend.  Rest isn’t necessarily the cessation of activity, but it is an approach to life that is free from hurry.  Here’s some of the ways we are engaging with the Lord this weekend:

Homeless Outreach/Shower Ministry Saturday Morning

Last month we had to cancel the monthly Homeless Outreach and Shower Ministry because or rain, so we are extra excited to be together tomorrow to love and serve our unsheltered neighbors.  We recommend you show up at 7:45 at 212 N. Clementine in Oceanside for some orientation. Here’s some more info on what’s going on:

Convicted For Christ has partnered with Humanity Showers to put on a monthly Homeless Outreach and Shower Ministry. Humanity Showers provides mobile showers and so much more to serve basic needs of unsheltered people in our community. You would do well to check out the Humanity Showers website at https://www.humanityshowers.org/ Their founder, Jordan Verdin, has a remarkable story and has created a remarkable organization.  You’ll want to read the STORIES section of their website which has beautiful photos of local homeless people, and when you click on each photo you’ll get their personal story.

The Homeless/Shower Ministry runs from 7:45am to 11am on the last Saturday of every month.  Here’s some bullet points you’ll want to know:

  • Set up starts at 7am if you want to be part of the set up crew.
  • All volunteers, intake, safety talk, assignments, and prayer at 7:45 AM
  • Showers and food to start at 8 AM.
  • Cleanup and breakdown starts at 10:30 AM.
  • Final breakdown, cleanup, and end of service 11 AM.
  • Volunteer opportunities to Serve will be at:
  1. Hygiene, shampoo, soap, and towel distribution table.
  2. Clothing, intake, and distribution tables.
  3. Food prep, and distribution both.
  4. Shower trailer. Task will include intaking information for clients to take a shower/maintaining the list. Cleaning showers in between each shower and monitoring time management for each shower.
  5. Additional volunteers always welcome to help pray for, cleanup, pick up trash, serve, love on, all other volunteers and Homeless clients as a Romer/fill in a needed spot as needed.

The address is; 212 N Clementine Oceanside CA 92054 Park anywhere on the street and walk to the site. All volunteers requested to be there no later than 7:45 AM to get mandatory safety talk as well as the assignments for the day. 

This Sunday – The Sword of the Spirit

We’re continuing our study on the armor of God, and this Sunday we’ll be talking about the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.  I hope you can join us!  If you missed last Sunday, or would just like to hear it again, we have a couple options for you.  We’ve posted the video of the sermon on our YouTube channel right here:

If you watch it directly on YouTube, you might want to click on the subscribe button so you are notified every time we post a new sermon video there.

You can also listen to the sermon on our GraceTalks.org podcast right here:

I hope that’s helpful.

If you are not able to be with us in person this coming Sunday for some reason, you can always join online via the Zoom app with this info:  Zoom Meeting ID  153 112 432, Passcode 684814. You may also join us on Facebook Live at facebook.com/gracevcf.

Prayer Update from Steve Rogers in Honduras

Steve Rogers is still in Honduras.  This is a picture he took at the Comayagua Vineyard church.  His travel companion, Melvin Airhart, (Pastor at Birmingham Vineyard) taught on Jesus’ command to forgive.  Steve sends us this update for our prayers:

Comayagua: Pastor Antonio needs work or they will move to Arizona. Please pray for employment and church multiplication.

Camolatio: my first time here. Melvin (Vineyard pastor from Alabama) has built 3 schools, 2 clinics, and a coffee plantation that the locals use for income. They need help building more. Also, they care for a widow (Delmy) and her son. She lives on and cares for the land Melvin purchased. Pray for laborers, both teams for physical labor (building and agriculture) and also for the harvest of souls for Christ.

Please keep them in your prayers!

National Day of Prayer Thursday, May 2nd

This Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. We will meet this Thursday, May 2, from 6:00 – 7:15 pm at a new location: Oceanside’s El Corazon Senior Center, 3302 Senior Center Drive, in the courtyard area.  I, along with a number of other Oceanside pastors, will help lead us in prayer.  It was great last year, and I anticipate it will be even better this year!

Vineyard National Conference

As the time keeps moving forward, I would really like to encourage you to consider joining me at the Vineyard National Conference this summer.  If you happen to have kids, just know that they put on a full program for all ages, and it’s really great.  We have 2 sites and dates this year to help accommodate our USA Vineyard family from coast to coast.  I’ll be going to the Denver one in June.  This is our 50th anniversary, so it should be very special.   I’ve heard they’re going to bring in some of our old Vineyard Worship leaders and do a history of the Vineyard through worship music with folks like Cindy Rethmeir and Brian Doerksen.  If you know these early worship writers and singers, you’re going to love it!  Here’s the verbiage from the Vineyard Conference site:

We are so excited to be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Vineyard movement this year! Since 1974, when the first Vineyard Church gathered outside Los Angeles, we have seen God move among us, transform lives, and empower us with the Holy Spirit.

At this conference, we will reflect on the soil of our hearts and our movement, and the seeds God is still planting in both of these places. 

By offering two locations and dates we hope that everyone – pastors, leaders, volunteers, and even those just curious about the Vineyard – will be able to gather together this summer for our conferences. We will have opportunities to spend time in worship, teaching, and prayer, as well as gather in smaller groups with people in similar ministry roles and life phases. And we are pleased to share that this year’s registration costs have been greatly reduced through our generous sponsors.

You can get all the information you need and register for the conference here:  https://conference.vineyardusa.org/


Just a final note – if you’ve seen my weekly update emails before, you know there’s always a mention of tithes and offerings at the bottom of the screen below the signature line followed by a donation button.   Today I thought I’d put it above the signature line and just remind us all that a faith community like ours pays for our material needs completely by  our donations.  There’s no one else who has been given the grace and responsibility for us.  It’s just you and me.  The biblical precedent is tithing, or each of us giving ten percent of our income to the church.  Bringing tithes and offerings.  You could say that the budget of each church should be 10 percent of the combined income of the members of that church.  If 10 percent seems like a shocking amount to you, it does come with a remarkable promise — “Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. –Malachi 3:10-11   So far it appears to be about 100% of the people who have taken God up on this test who have found this promise to be true.  I know I have.  Over and over and over again, people have started out saying it just doesn’t make sense – if I can’t pay all my bills now, how will I pay them if I give away more money?!  But, when they test God, they somehow end up with more than they started, and their joy and peace increase as well.  It’s God-Math.  If you don’t believe me, just ask around; the testimonies abound. But in the Bible stories, when the people of God withheld their tithes (which happened many times in Israel’s history), the work of God suffered.  Then God would send a prophet, the people would repent and begin tithing again, and all would be blessed again.  In our situation, since January, our giving has been lighter than in previous months, and as a result we’ve had to spend from our savings to meet current bills.  This, of course, is not sustainable.  So, I would encourage you who call Grace Vineyard your home to be faithful to bring in your tithes.  (And if you belong to another faith community, I’d encourage you to bring your tithes there).  You will be blessed. Your church will be blessed.  The work of God through His church will continue to go forward.

And with that I’ll sign off!  I love our Grace Vineyard Family!

with many blessings to each one,

Ron Ohst

Here’s that Donation Button..

THANKS for taking ownership in the life and ministry of Grace Vineyard!  And thanks to all of you who are stepping into a lifestyle of generosity with your tithes and offerings.  It really does take all of us doing our part with the income God has entrusted to us for His church. If you’d like to give your tithe or offering online, click the donate button below.