We are launching our Sunday Night Service with a BLOCK PARTY on Sunday, July 25, at 5pm right here at Grace Vineyard.

  • Food by our favorite Chef Todd Hannan
  • Live Music
  • Face Painting for the Kids
  • Baking Contest
  • Invite the Neighbors on Saturday, July 24, at 10am

Let us know you’re coming by texting “party” to 760-237-4393

If you own an oven, join our baking contest by texting “bake” to 760-237-4393

Invite The Neighbors

We are inviting our neighbors around the church to the Block Party.  This is another opportunity for some Holy Hello’s.  We’ll meet at the church at 10am, and spend about an hour giving out invitation fliers.  Let us know you’d like to join us by texting “invite” to 760-237-4393