Announcements April 21st – April 27th

Kingdom Perspective Worship Night for Youth and Adults
People from several different churches will come together for a time of worship and teaching.
Join us in the Upper Room on Saturday, April 27th at 7pm.
Brett from The Fields will be speaking.

Camp Pendleton Ministry Next Sunday
Men, meet here at 6:00am.
You will assist the chaplain with Sunday service for the recruits.
Pray for some of the recruits as they prepare for deployment.
If you would like more information call Jim Hickey at 760.213.1667.

Baptisms Next Sunday
Sign up on the clip board today if you would like to be baptized during our morning service.
This will be a full immersion baptism. If you are being baptized, please, wear shorts and a dark t-shirt and bring a towel.

Start Saving for Fall’s Women’s Retreat – Just $30/Month
Dates are November 1-3, 2019.
Save $30 a month and you can pay for a motel room.
You can save a spot for a refundable $40 deposit.
You can also give any amount monthly or weekly and we’ll keep track.
Call Kim Ohst for more info 760.519.4558.

Can We Pray For You?
Write your prayer requests on a Connection Card located in the seat back pocket in front of you.
If you prefer you can call the church office or email your prayer needs to
The staff prays over these prayer requests and we also have an email prayer chain of prayer warriors who will pray for you if approve.
You can be assured all of your prayer request will be handled confidentially.

Looking For A Place To Serve?
There are many opportunities to serve God here at Grace Vineyard.
We are always looking for volunteers in hospitality, greeters, security, youth, nursery, children’s ministry, Monday office help, and worship.
Fill out a connection card or call the office at 760.754.2974.