Who: Ron & Rachelcentral-asia
 Antioch Network
Where: Central Asia
Supporting Since: 2007

Ron & Rachel have been workers to the unreached peoples of Central Asia for more than twenty years – initially through The JESUS Film Project, Sammy Tippit Ministries, Mountain Movers International and now Antioch Network.

Ron has been partnering with Antioch Network for ten years. Antioch Network has been helping Ron with the Persian Partnership Conferences in Europe and North America. To learn more about Antioch Network, here is their web link: www.antiochnetwork.org/

Evangelism, discipleship and church planting in Central Asia is at the heart of their ministry. They accomplish this through:

  • Training and equipping of national leaders in leadership conferences
  • Providing resource ministry tools such as the JESUS film and Bibles
  • Helping to translate, print and distribute books for Central Asian Christians
  • Taking short-term teams into Central Asia for prayer walks
  • Facilitating and hosting U.S. and international conferences for Central Asia
  • Reaching out to Central Asian women in our surrounding communities through one-on-one appointments, small groups and holiday luncheons

Their ministry activities also include Rachel reaching out to Central Asian women, who live in North San Diego County, California.