Michael Cohen of Chosen People Ministries will be speaking at Grace Vineyard on Sunday morning, November 5th, at 9:30am.

We are in a series called “What’s God up to in the world…and how can we Join Him?”
Michael will be teaching on what God is up to in Israel and the Jewish world around the globe.  How thousands of Jewish people are becoming lovers and followers of their Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), why it matters to Christians around the world, how we can pray for the Jewish people, and even how to share our faith with Jews.

In this video clip, Michael tells how he found the Messiah.

Michael Cohen was raised in a conservative Jewish home from San Fernando Valley, California. He attended Hebrew School as a boy and after his Bar Mitzvah, he excelled as a student of history. During his late teens and early twenties, Michael veered away from Judaism, while occasionally returning to Jewish traditions, but could find no comfort or guidance. Upon graduating from college, Michael met Lisa, a young Jewish believer in Jesus. After reading a copy of the New Testament she gave him, which also included many important Messianic prophecies, Michael accepted Jesus as his Messiah. He later married Lisa and completed a Masters of Arts in Intercultural Studies with a Jewish emphasis from Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois. Michael has served as deacon, elder, and teacher in a Messianic congregation for over twenty years. Currently, Michael and Lisa serve with Chosen People Ministries in Southern California and have five sons.